Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis 12-8-2017

Nasdaq has ended cycle wave (4) at 6231.75 but still needs a break above wave (3) at 6429.5 to confirm. While above 6231.7, Index can extend higher

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Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis 12.6.2017

Nasdaq Intraday Elliott Wave view suggests that Intermediate wave (3) ended with the rally to 6429.5. Intermediate wave (4) pullback remains in progress to correct cycle from 8/21

YM_F Dow Short Term Elliott Wave view

YM_F Dow Short term Elliott Wave view suggests that Intermediate wave (4) ended at 23204. Rally from there is unfolding as a leading diagonal Elliott wave structure. Minute

SPX Bounce from the 8/21 lows is Impulsive

Hi fellow traders. The $SPX Bounce from the 8/21 lows is impulsive as the title suggests and does display the usual characteristic traits of an Elliott Wave

DAX Intra-Day Elliott Wave Analysis

The rally in DAX from 8/29 low is unfolding as a double three Elliott Wave structure where Intermediate wave (W) ended at 13089 and pullback to 12903 ended

FTSE Elliott Wave Analysis: Ended Correction

FTSE Elliott Wave view suggests that decline to 7199.5 ended Primary wave ((4)). Up from there, the rally is unfolding as an impulse Elliott Wave structure where Minor

FTSE Elliott Wave Analysis 10.11.2017

FTSE Short term Elliott Wave analysis suggests the decline to 7196.58 on 9/15 low ended Primary wave ((4)). The Index is currently within Primary wave ((5)) which is

SPX Elliott Wave View: At Weekly Inflection Area

SPX S&P 500 Long Term Elliott Wave view suggests that the Index has reached the minimum target at 2234.35 to end a big cycle from an all time

The Big Long in World Indices

Since the decline starting from year 2000, the world has been calling for a huge crash in world indices. The world indices did in fact corrected nicely in

Dow Futures Elliott Wave view 8.18.2017

Short term Dow Futures (YM_F) Elliott wave view suggest that the rally to 8/08 peak 22177 ended the “Cycle” from Feb 11, 2016 low. The decline from there