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Technical forecast for USD/JPY

USDJPY has sold off over night to 98.43 but we have recovered above support at 98.76/70. The outlook is quite negative with resistance at 99.15 but above here we could stretch to 99.45/50 for a selling opportunity with stops above 99.75

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Technical forecast for GBP/USD

GBPUSD beat 1.5850 to hit all our targets & over night has continued higher to 1.5958. The next big resistance is now at 1.5990/6010. If this target is

Technical forecast for S&P

Emini S&P Sep13 in a strong bull trend & has broken all time highs at 1704/05 to reach 1710. If we continue higher look for 1714/15 then 1718/19. Immediate

Technical forecast for EUR/USD

EURUSD hit 1.3315/20 for a selling opportunity & this trade worked perfectly as we dipped back to 1.3255 on Friday. This morning we have broken above 1.3315/25 to

Technical forecast for Spot Gold

Spot Gold continued lower to target Fibonacci support at 1307. Here we exited shorts & tried longs with stops below 1300. This trade worked perfectly as we bottomed

Technical forecast for Copper

Copper is stuck in a range. Trend line resistance at 3.300/040 did hold the topside as predicted & should do so again today. However above here look for

Technical forecast for Silver

Silver did head lower to the 23.50/47 target & bounced back to 23.80 initially, but we have now broken lower & look likely to retest last week’s low

Technical forecast for Bund

Bund September bullish key day reversal on Friday in theory marks the end of the bear trend at this stage, as long as we hold above 136.40. Today

Technical forecast for Gilts

Gilts for December failed again just below 108.20. Below 107.80 keeps the market under pressure for 107.55/45 then 107.26 before a test of last week’s low at 107.16.

Technical forecast for BOBL

Bobl held tough resistance at 123.04/07 to test 122.91/90 & below 122.88 today sees 122.79/77. This could hold the downside but any longs need stops below 122.70 for