Swiss National Bank Surprises Market with Rate Cut

Early this morning the Swiss National Bank cut its key interest rate this morning. The recession in the Euro Zone has weakened the Swiss economy to the point where the policymakers felt it was necessary to lower rates in an […]

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Pressure Mounting for Action by the Bank of Japan

Japanese Yen traders fear an intervention by the Bank of Japan if the Yen continues to appreciate. The problem is no one knows at which level the Bank

Bank of Japan Could Be a Factor if Yen Continues to Appreciate

The Japanese Yen is trading higher this morning once again because of the weakness in the global equity markets. Traders are buying the Yen despite the fact that

Lack of Direction from G-20 Meeting Triggers Rally in British Pound

The weekend ended in disappointment as the G-20 meeting yielded little concrete solutions to the financial crisis that is gripping the world. The G-20 nations did issue a

Canadian Dollar Forming Bottom

If you have not noticed, most commodity markets have, for the most part, been holding the lows established over the last two to four weeks. Soybeans are holding

Lower Demand from China Signals Wider, Deeper Global Recession.

Look for a lower trade today as the EUR USD should continue to feel selling pressure as traders are shunning the higher yielding, riskier Euro. Expectations that the

Euro Struggles Against Dollar Despite U.S. Economic Weakness

The Euro is trading lower against the U.S. Dollar this morning despite fears that the U.S. recession will be longer and deeper than originally forecast. The Euro is trading

GBPUSD Channel

Cable failed to complete the bullish flag we spoted a few days ago and has started to move lower touching the 1.5600, on the larger timeframe we can

EURUSD Oct31st Review

The pair has retraced nicely after the 1.2330-1.3300 move, it reached the 50%Fibonacci line yesterday and after a quick bounce it pushed lower closing in on the 61.8

GBPUSD Review 30 Oct

GBPUSD moved towards the 1.6700 resistance zone forming higher lows and higher highs clearly marking the trend, now the pair has reached the 61.8 Fibonacci Retracement of the