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ECB Rate Hike Likely After Inflation Data Supports Monetary Tightening

After a successfultest of the 1.4000 level, the Euro is once again posting strong gains astraders boost bets that the EuropeanCentral Bank will begin raising interest rates as early as next week. After a successfultest of the 1.4000 level, the […]

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Commodity Demand Boosts Aussie Dollar

The AUD USD rosesharply overnight, negating Monday’s closingprice reversal top on prospects global growth will boost demand for commodities.Trader sentiment has rapidly shifted toward risk as the markets

Euro Traders Still Mulling Possible ECB Rate Hike

The Euro is tradinga little lower versus the U.S. Dollar this morning. Indecision seems to be thetheme as traders mull over whether the EuropeanCentral Bank has enough economic

GBP USD under Pressure Following Weekly Reversal Top

This morning the GBPUSD is trading lower following last week’s spectacular closingprice reversal top. Based on the short-term range of 1.5345 to 1.6400,expectations are for a test of

Interest Rate Speculation Driving Euro Higher

TheEuro is rebounding this morning after a sharp sell-off on Wednesday. Pressurewas on the single currency yesterday following the confirmation of a technical closingprice reversal top the day

Closing Price Reversal Top Pattern Pressuring Euro

The Euro is trading lowerafter posting a high at 1.4247 on Tuesday and forming a closingprice reversal top. Downside pressure overnight confirmed the chart patterntriggering what is likely

GBP USD Surges on Interest Hike Expectations

The GBP USD jumped overnight on renewed talk ofan interest rate hike by the Bank of England.Traders reacted positively to the news that the Office for National Statisticsreported

Short-term USD JPY May Be Overbought

The Japanese Yen weakened for a second sessionagainst all of the major currencies in a move that many traders suspect isrenewed selling pressure from the Group of Seven

Coordinated Intervention Sends USD JPY Sharply Higher

After abreak to nearly 76.00 on Thursday, the USD JPY rallied overnight after theGroup of Seven nations agreed to take steps to curb the Japanese currency’srapid rise. The

USD JPY Traders Battling Investors for Direction

Although some traders feel theJapanese Yen may be overextended to the upside, the currency is tradingslightly better ahead of the start of the U.S. session. At this time