Macrotactics is a blog devoted to recording a part time trader's journey into the world of trading currencies. In my day job I work as a manager in an Information Technology company. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia with my wife, a cat and a baby on the way. I have been banging my head on this trading thing for at least 3 years now and the deeper I dig into the topic of trading, the more I realise there is to learn. Trading for me has become... More

What Moves the Currency Markets?

When trading, we often fall into the trap of thinking that fundamentals or technicals are moving the market. It is as if the support or resistance line was something real. We often forget that the thing that is really moving […]

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Scams and Snake Oil Salesmen

Any industry which involves lots of money will attract all manner of hype merchants, liars and charlatans who have climbed out from the slime. Becoming a successful trader

Why Are You Trading?

Very few traders stop to think: why am I trading? They focus almost exclusively on how much money they could earn and they set themselves a goal like:

Zen-like Zones: The Big Myth of Trading Psychology

I have read so many trading books and they all seem to imply that a successful trader is someone who can reach some marvelous state of trading in

Risk vs. Uncertainty

Economists distinguish between risk and uncertainty. the former can be priced by financial markets while the latter cannot. The distinction between the two was made by Frank H.

Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment Analysis

In the financial markets, the first thing to realise is nearly all the major players are operating from very similar information. They are all staring at the same

Getting an Edge in Trading

I have read so many trading books that say you need to understand your edge in trading. They all go on to describe how to measure the size

Trading Psychology 101

As you may have read in the section on why many new traders fail to make money, I think there are far more important topics to get right

Why Do So Many Traders Fail To Make Money?

It is commonly quoted that 90% of all retail traders loose their money. Some believe the number is actually much higher. Most trading educators claim that “poor psychology”

Guide for Beginners

I wrote this post because some of my friends asked me how they can learn to trade. I sat back and thought about the things that really helped