I’m a self taught trader and managed to start my trading career with a high degree of success, but this doesn’t mean to say I don’t have my fair share of loosing trades.
I have always been interested in trading from a very early age and started reading what I could about technical analysis when I was about 16. I started hand drawing charts of the FSTE 100 and some stocks at about the same time.

I have traded Futures, NASDAQ stocks and Forex. I have continued to do so and now make my living in this way.
During my early stages of development in my trading career I always mused over the potential for a one stop shop for information on how to trade and find out “what works”. I have now come to the conclusion that everything works some of the time with the correct application.
There are two main reasons for the sites development, firstly, to provide information in an easy to access and understand format without all the hype and promises of riches with 5 minutes work per day that many of the so called systems and strategies promise.
The second reason Trading Strategies came about was after many frustrating hours on public sites offering my time, help and sharing my own trading experience to those who wanted it. The main obstacle I found with this was the open abuse and profanities that many people would give as a result of simply sharing my experiences as a trader
In short, I wanted to move away from the BS that surrounds this industry and I wanted a safe environment for myself and for people to ask questions and develop their own experience and enhance my own.

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Range Break Out

Range Break Outs form the basis of my core trading. Generally speaking I call most consolidation patterns a range whether it is a triangle in one of its many guise’s, a head and shoulder pattern, and so on. Range Break […]

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As with all strategy and methodologies there are some essentials you need to know before you can understand how to implement and follow my logic when trading. As with