Bank Notes

The Bank of Canada is the country’s sole bank note-issuing authority and is responsible for designing, producing, and distributing Canada’s bank notes. The Bank of Canada’s Roles   The Bank of Canada is the country’s sole bank note-issuing authority and […]

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Outline Of Financial System Stability

Money plays an essential role and is indispensable for economic activities. The overall structure of receipt and payment as well as lending and borrowing of money is called

The Bank’s Strategy

To maintain its track record of achieving the inflation target, the Bank should improve the quality and efficiency of the process supporting the Monetary Policy Committee, advance its

Objective Of Monetary Policy

To maintain price stability is the primary objective of the Eurosystem and of the single monetary policy for which it is responsible. This is laid down in the

How the Federal Reserve is Audited

Periodic Reviews and Examinations All Federal Reserve Banks and branches, like commercial depository institutions, are audited and examined regularly. All Federal Reserve Banks and branches are audited

What Is The Official Cash Rate?

The Official Cash Rate (OCR) is the interest rate set by the Reserve Bank to meet the inflation target specified in the Policy Targets Agreement. The agreement signed

Investment And Risk Control Process

The National Bank Act (NBA), which entered into force in 2004, defines the SNB’s responsibilities and describes in detail its mandate with regard to asset management. The National Bank

About Financial System Stability

Stability of the financial system is a long-standing responsibility of the Reserve Bank – a mandate reconfirmed by the Government when it introduced significant changes to Australia's financial

Outline Of Payment And Settlement Systems, And Market Infrastructures

Settlement is a process in an economic transaction that involves the exchange of money or securities. A settlement asset is an asset such as money (cash and deposit

Financial System

These include banks, credit unions, and similar organizations. The Bank of Canada routinely provides "liquidity" to financial institutions that are participants in the financial system; that is, it