EUR/JPY: Euro Buoyed by Positive Signs of Euro Zone Recovery

The Euro is deemed to outclass the Japanese yen today as signs continue to emerge that worst of the Euro Zone crisis has passed. A business survey suggested that the economy is recovery while the European Central Bank’s balance sheet shrank to the smallest in almost a year after banks started to repay emergency loans. In contrast, Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa’s move to leave office earlier than expected is seen to weigh further on the Yen.

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EUR/JPY Euro Set to Rise on a Positive Outlook for the German Economy :

The Euro is deemed to maintain its strength alongside the Japanese yen today on additional positive signs that Germany is gathering speed again after contracting in the fourth

EUR/GBP: Dampened Talks of Further Stimulus Boosts the Euro

The Euro is likely to maintain its gains opposite the British pound today after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi delivered an optimistic outlook for the Euro Zone

EUR/USD: Euro Advances as US Finally Avoids Falling Off Cliff

The Euro is believed to strengthen alongside the US dollar to begin the year on enhanced appetites for risk after the United States finally averted the fiscal cliff

EUR/USD: Hopes for Greek Aid Deal Still Keeping Euro Afloat

Despite a dimmer outlook for the overall Euro Zone economy, the Euro is foreseen to sustain its recent gains alongside the US dollar today on continued hopes for