EURJPY Elliott Wave View: Ended 5 Waves Advance

EURJPY Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from 124.87 low ended 5 waves advance in wave A higher at 130.85, below from there correcting that cycle in

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DAX Elliott Wave Analysis: Bounce Can be Temporary

DAX short-term Elliott wave analysis suggests that the rally to 12882.05 high ended Minor wave X bounce. The internals of that bounce unfolded as Elliott wave double three

The CAC 40 Index Long Term Bullish Cycles

The CAC 40 Index Long Term Bullish Cycles Firstly the CAC 40 index long term bullish cycles have been trending higher with other world indices. In September 2000 it

EURUSD Elliott Wave View: Bounces Are Expected To Fail

EURUSD short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the decline from ( 1.1996 ) 5/14/2018 peak is unfolding as ending diagonal structure in Intermediate wave (5) lower as mentioned

Elliott Wave Analysis: EURJPY Has a Bearish Sequence

EURJPY short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the bounce to 5/14 high at 131.38 ended Minor wave B. Down from there, the decline is unfolding as Elliott wave

DAX Elliott Wave Analysis: Ending The Wave 3 Soon

DAX Elliott Wave view in shorter cycles suggests that the rally from March 26.2018 low (11704) is extending higher in Impulse sequence with extension in the 3rd wave.

USDX Elliott Wave View: Extending Higher As Impulse

USDX Elliott Wave view in short-term cycle suggests that the decline to 89.22 ended Intermediate wave (B) as Elliott Wave Zigzag correction. Above from there, Intermediate wave (C)

EURUSD Elliott Wave View: Still Trading Sideways

Short-term EURUSD Elliott Wave view suggests that the pair remains in a sideways triangle range between 1.2554 and 1.2153 levels as mentioned in the previous post here. Until

DAX Elliott Wave Analysis: Further Weakness Ahead?

Short term Elliott Wave view in DAX suggests Primary wave ((B)) ended at 12434.7 on 3.16.2018. The decline from there is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse Elliott

DAX Elliott Wave View: Correction Ended

DAX is correcting higher degree cycle from February 2016. Short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that Primary wave ((X)) ended with the rally to 12597.51. Decline from there is