Fed Decision and Economy Control U.S. Dollar’s Fate

The U.S. Dollar is called lower this morning as Asian and European investors turned their attention toward risky assets after standing aside for the past three days. Investors are selling Dollars in anticipation of the Fed leaving interest rates unchanged […]

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(Un)Intended Consequences: Uncertainty, Inflation & Inflexibility

Present policies may be sowing the seeds for the next financial crisis. Despite recent market optimism, we believe present interventions could produce significant future adverse and unintended consequences.

Economics Weekly by Lloyds TSB

It is a busy week for data in the US, which should provide some important clues about the pace of the overall economic contraction in the first quarter

Fed Monetization – Not What It Buys, but How Much of Anything It Buys

Last week the Fed announced that it would purchase $300 billion of longer-maturity Treasury securities. The mainstream media got all excited, talking about the Fed “printing money.” Last