Dollar Cannot Escape Inflation Trap

Forex traders punished the U.S. Dollar on Thursday following the Fed’sinability to complete its announced purchase of government assets. Thisaction reversed the trend of the day which showed a strengtheningDollar after the S&P Corp. announced it had turned negative on […]

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Weaker Equity Markets Could Ignite U.S. Dollar Rally

Since Forex traders seem to be ignoring economic reports at this time, the key indicator will be the equity markets. Since Forex traders seem to be ignoring economic reports

Random Thoughts to Help De-Stress or Un-Stress

Since stressing out over the stress tests the last 10 days many traders are probably ready to de-stress or un-stress.  Sometimes this can be accomplished by just typing

Will Stress Test Results Weaken Dollar?

Now that the world knows the financial condition of the U.S. bankingsystem, the U.S. Dollar could get trashed as traders seek higherreturns elsewhere. Remember all the money that

Forex Traders Focus on Improving Economic Data

The key story this week affecting the Forex markets turned out to bethe global economy rather than the U.S. Treasury auction and the Fed’spreliminary bank stress test report. The

Stress Test Speculation Creates Volatile Situation for U.S. Dollar

U.S. banks received their preliminary results from the Fed's recent stress tests and now have 10 days to address any major capitalization problems.  This 10 day period opens

Mixed Fundamental News Weakens U.S. Dollar

The U.S. Dollar lost ground to all the major currencies on Tuesday on mixed fundamentals. There was no theme in the market today as many of the currencies

China’s Contraction Sets Bearish Tone for Aussie and Kiwi

The action in the Forex markets this week suggests that although theU.S. economy is still showing signs of weakness, conditions may even beworsening in Europe and Asia. The action