EUR/JPY Euro Set to Rise on a Positive Outlook for the German Economy :

The Euro is deemed to maintain its strength alongside the Japanese yen today on additional positive signs that Germany is gathering speed again after contracting in the fourth quarter, boosting prospects for the 17-nation bloc. An upbeat consumer confidence report is estimated to follow buoyant business sentiment and activity gauges released last week. Meanwhile, the Yen is seen to remain under pressure after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe piled further pressure on the Bank of Japan to end nagging deflation.

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USD/JPY: Samurai Plummets as Noda Pushes Through a General Election

Yesterday’s reports about the dissolving the Japanese government’s Lower House led the Yen to plunge by 91 pips against the American dollar. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s move to

USD/JPY:Japan’s Intractable Fiscal Woes Sink the Yen

The Japanese yen plummeted by 87 pips as opposed to the American dollar in yesterday’s Asian session, its weakest level in seven days on prospects upcoming elections in

USD/JPY: Agreement of Japan’s Democratic Party Saves the Yen

The Japanese yen won in yesterday’s trades by 11 pips versus the American dollar as US stocks fell caused by concerns about the federal budget debate. The USD/JPY

USD/JPY: US Fiscal Tightening Pushes Up Demand for the Yen

In yesterday’s trades, the Japanese yen won by 9 pips against the American dollar even as Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda remained tight-lipped last Sunday. While the Prime Minister

AUD/JPY: CPI Data Boosts the Aussie; Yen Falls on BOJ Easing Speculations

The release of the CPI report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed Australia's third quarter CPI beating market expectations, reducing speculations of a rate cut by the

Financial Markets Review by Lloyds TSB

Are cracks beginning to appear in the dollar negative view that has been a leading characteristic of the currency markets in recent months? It is beginning to look