Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis: Ending Impulsive Move

Nasdaq shows bullish sequence from 12/5 low. Near term rally from 12/30 low looks impulsive and while dips stay above there, expect Index to extend higher

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Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis: More Upside Favored While Above 6232.3

Nasdaq Short Term Elliott Wave view suggests that the Index remains bullish as far as pullbacks stay above Intermediate wave (4) at 6232.3. Rally from Intermediate wave (4)

Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis 12-8-2017

Nasdaq Short Term Elliott Wave view suggests that Intermediate wave (3) ended at 6429.5 and Intermediate wave (4) pullback is proposed complete at 6231.75. Subdivision of Intermediate

Nasdaq Elliott Wave Analysis 12.6.2017

Nasdaq Intraday Elliott Wave view suggests that Intermediate wave (3) ended with the rally to 6429.5. Intermediate wave (4) pullback remains in progress to correct cycle from 8/21

NASDAQ Futures: Impulsive Rally

NASDAQ Futures rally from 2.11.2016 low is unfolding as an Elliott Wave Impulse ( as we can clearly see three channels in price and momentum (RSI) to support

GOOGL Awaiting New Highs with the new Google Android 8.0 OS Version

Before we get into the subject, Alphabet, Inc. is a holding company and engages in acquisition & operation of different companies and operates through the Google and Other

NASDAQ Composite Index should pullback soon

The following chart shows NASDAQ composite index. The index has a tremendous rally since the lows around 1975 which is pretty close to the zero level. The index has

Amazon Elliott Wave Sequence Calling Higher

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is one of the strongest companies providing positive returns to its investors in the recent decade . Last week AMZN managed to make new all