Easing Tensions helping to Support Euro

The EUR USD is trading higher this morning, but stillstruggling with a Fibonacci retracement level at 1.2345. Regaining this pricewill be the key to igniting a surge to the upside. The EUR USD is trading higher this morning, but stillstruggling […]

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Renewed Euro Zone Issues, Korean Conflict Weaken Euro

The U.S. Dollar is trading higher as renewed Euro Zoneissues and a potential conflict between North and South Korea are driving investorsinto the safety of the greenback. The U.S.

Euro Reverses Week to Up; Charts indicate More Upside to Follow

The Euro finished the week higher, but more importantlyposted a closing price reversal bottom on the weekly chart. This patternsuggests that this week’s short-covering rally could be far

Revived Risk Appetite Drives Commodity-Linked Currencies Higher

Revived risk appetite is driving the Australian, New Zealand andCanadian Dollars higher at the mid-session. The main catalysts behind the rallyare the stronger Euro and U.S.equity markets. Revived risk

Euro Rallies as ECB Holds Secret Talks

The EUR USD confirmed Wednesday’s closing price reversalbottom and surged to the upside on Thursday. Based on the chart pattern,traders should look for this move to continue with

Lack of Clarity, Weak Global Outlook Driving Commodity-Linked Currencies Sharply Lower

Traders are dumping higher risk assets at the mid-session,driving commodity-linked Forex markets lower while pushing up demand for thelower yielding Japanese Yen. Traders are dumping higher risk assets at

Hedge Funds Dump Australian Assets

Hedge funds and large traders dumped assets in Australia and New Zealand on the thought thatdemand for higher yielding assets and commodities would fall as the Euro Zoneissues

Euro Continues to Rally; Shorts Getting Buried in Surprise Reversal

The Euro is trading higher at the mid-session after making asurprise reversal bottom earlier in the session. If conditions remain the same,then look for the EUR USD to

European Union not the Euro May be the Issue

The Euro continued its slide on Tuesday and signs aredeveloping that indicate the problem is with the European Union and not theEuro. The market seems to be content

Start of Bailout Deployment Still Not Enough to Support Euro

Continuing concern over the Euro and worries over theviability of a single currency system is pressuring the EUR USD at themid-session. Earlier in the trading session, the Euro