EUR/USD: Expected Rise in Industrial Output to Lift the Euro

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s remarks in the Spanish parliament yesterday are believed to lift the Euro opposite the US dollar today. Draghi expressed confidence that Spain is on the right track and said politicians should refrain from calling for intervention on the Euro’s value. Likewise, an expected rebound in industrial output across the region in December is also deemed to improve market sentiment.

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EUR/GBP: Euro to Decline as Markets Focus on Greece and Spain

With Greece back in the spotlight as it struggles to secure a bailout tranche needed to ward off a potential bankruptcy, the Euro is deemed to lose ground

EUR/GBP: Euro Zone Encounters More Roadblocks

The Euro suffered losses versus the Great British pound on growing concerns that the debt crisis is worsening. The Sterling gained on the other hand as mortgage approvals

Euro Could Form Secondary Higher Bottom; Reversal Bottoms Still Unconfirmed

The EUR USD traded sharply lower overnight and early in thesession as nervous traders reacted to the news that Spain’s government had takeover astruggling financial institution. The heavy

Euro Weakness threatens Reversal Bottom Formation

Although the EUR USD is trading lower this morning due tocontagion fears in the Euro Zone, this morning’s sell-off may only be ashort-term correction of last week’s spectacular