Technical forecast for USD/JPY

USDJPY recovered above support at 98.76/70 & has beaten resistance at 99.15 as we look to 99.45/50 for a selling opportunity with stops above 99.75. We can then try shorts again at 99.95/100.05 with stops above 100.20.

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Technical forecast for GBP/USD

GBPUSD topped at 1.5963 & fell back to support at 1.5895/85 which has held the downside as expected so far at least. However the outlook is quite negative

Technical forecast for EUR/USD

EURUSD hit our next target of 1.3375/80 & topped exactly here. Good support at 1.3325/20 also held profit taking as predicted & we bottomed exactly here. However the

Technical forecast for USD/JPY

USDJPY has sold off over night to 98.43 but we have recovered above support at 98.76/70. The outlook is quite negative with resistance at 99.15 but above here

Technical forecast for GBP/USD

GBPUSD beat 1.5850 to hit all our targets & over night has continued higher to 1.5958. The next big resistance is now at 1.5990/6010. If this target is

Technical forecast for EUR/USD

EURUSD hit 1.3315/20 for a selling opportunity & this trade worked perfectly as we dipped back to 1.3255 on Friday. This morning we have broken above 1.3315/25 to

Technical forecast for US and Euro Stock markets

EuroStoxx just held on to 2597 but below here today risks a retest of 2589/83 support & a second chance to buy in to medium term longs in

USD/JPY: Yen Under Pressure as BOJ Minutes Discuss Further Easing Options

The Japanese yen is deemed to maintain its decline opposite the Australian dollar today after minutes of the Bank of Japan’s rate review revealed additional options for expanding

Today’s technical forecast for Energy Futures

WTI Crude Oil was predicted to sell off on Friday & we saw sharp losses for a retest of Feb lows at 95.06/94.97. We bounced just above here

Technical forecast for Spot Gold

Spot Gold fell just short of 1656/57 resistance where we expected a top. We have now retested the 1641/39 support & bounced as hoped, so we have a