USDCAD : Possible Breakout Higher?

USDCAD : Possible Breakout Higher?

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Short Term Elliott Wave View in Oil Favoring More Upside

Oil’s (CL_F) short term Elliott Wave view shows that the decline from 10/3/2018 high ended as 5 waves impulse in wave a at $42.41. The cycle from 10/3/2018

Elliott Wave Analysis: Impulse Move Suggests More Downside in USDCAD

Short term Elliott Wave view in USDCAD shows that the decline from 12/31/2018 high (1.3669) is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure. Down from 1.3669,

CL_F (Oil) A buying or selling opportunity?

We at Elliottwave-Forecast.Com look at the Market as a whole and we keep track of many instrument to get an edge in the Market. At the end, nobody

Elliott Wave View Supporting Further Strength in USDCAD

USDCAD has broken above 11/29/2018 high (1.336) as well as above 6/27/2018 high (1.3386) creating incomplete bullish sequence. Short term Elliott Wave view suggests the rally to 1.336

Market Participants Betting on Nafta Deal between US and Canada

The Canadian Dollar strengthened to a two month high against US Dollar earlier this week. Market participants seem to bet on possible inclusion of Canada in a new

USDCAD Extending Lower As Elliott Wave Impulse

USDCAD short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the bounce to 1.2998 on 5/08 high ended primary wave ((2)). Below from there, primary wave ((3)) remains in progress as

USDCAD Elliott Wave View: Calling Intraday Bounce

USDCAD Elliott Wave short-term view suggests that the bounce to 1.2942 high ended Intermediate degree wave (2). Then the decline from there is unfolding in an impulse sequence

USDCAD Elliott Wave View: Correction Ended

Short term USDCAD Elliott Wave view suggests the decline to 1.2411 ended Intermediate wave (3) of an Elliott Wave impulse structure from 6/2 peak. Intermediate wave (4) bounce

EURCAD Selling Opportunity

On June 13/2017 I published an article EURCAD : Sell the Bounce Bearish Pattern where I called for the pair to make another move lower after a bounce/retracement