Profit Potential by Malcolm Morley

Well, it’s just about unlimited, isn’t it? Here’s something a wrote in a thread that deteriorated after a while. Never mind. BTW GrimFD also said somewhere else that the next Soros’ and Buffet’s are amongst us! I agree! Well, it’s […]

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Profit Calculation by Malcolm Morley

For those who are unsure of some of the calculations used to determine returns, the two threads below discuss the subject at some length. In particular the latter

Margin Calls by Malcolm Morley

The following explains in practical terms how margin rules work at OANDA. It was given in response to a newcomer considering using Margin Calls as a risk management

Leverage by Malcolm Morley

It is a popular misconception that the market maker with whom we deal lends us money when we use leverage. This isn't correct. The following thread discusses what

Inspiration by Malcolm Morley

I was just recently having a private conversation with another trader, and I thought that his description of how he started; the obstacles he faced and how he

Hedging by Malcolm Morley

I'm going to stick my neck out on this one. While Qetu is absolutely right, in general hedging trades makes no sense at all. As fx traders we

Carry Trading by Malcolm Morley

Although I do not carry trade in my published accounts here, I maintain a carry trading basket in another set of accounts. To my mind, it's a very

Equity Curves by Malcolm Morley

It is one of my contentions that one of the most important things a trader can do is accurately plot his or her equity curve. The process takes

Backtesting by Malcolm Morley

I've absolutely no idea how some people can trade without first backtesting, however that's just the way I'm wired! For those interest in the subject the following discussion

Interbank FX Trading by Malcolm Morley

The following thread probably deserves to be read in full by those who are interested in how bank traders manage their positions, and how the Interbank market differs