Oversight Of Payment And Securities Settlement Systems

Under the National Bank ActNational Bank Act, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has the mandate to oversee systems for the clearing and settlement of payments (payment systems) and transactions with financial instruments, notably securities (securities settlement systems). The SNB focuses […]

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) In The Swiss Financial Sector

On 6 February 2006, a working group headed by the Swiss National Bank published recommendations on contingency planning and crisis management for the Swiss financial centre. They are

Financial Stability Report

In its Financial Stability Report, the Swiss National Bank presents its assessment of the stability of Switzerland’s banking sector and financial market infrastructures. The SNB publishes this report

Banknotes And Coins

Swiss banknotes are traditionally required to meet high standards of security, functionality and artistic design. The Swiss National Bank makes every effort to meet these requirements. The banknotes