Using Fibonacci To Determinate Market Goals- Part I

Leonardo Pisano, better know as Fibonacci, explained the development of natural growing phenomenon through his famous numerical sequence. He proved that this series was highly connected with the growing of dynamics structures, and the most important use is relationated with […]

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Shorting Visa

When I study charts in order to make trade recommendations my weekly newsletter EPIC Insights, I look for a few basic ingredients. Trends must be well established so

Candlesticks and their whole picture

This article has been born with the help of the customers and visitors.# Popularity of the candlesticks is huge, for that reason an amount of questions about

Understanding your trading Indicators

Part of any trader’s success is their indicators. Every trader needs a good set of indicators, or strategies, to help him consistently take profits from the market. What can

Indicators, part II: The Oscillators

Oscillating indicators get their name due to their tendency to oscillate within arange of values. They can signal when price is at extreme levels and due for areversal. Oscillating

Indicators, part I: The Trend Followers

An indicator (sometimes also called a study) is a tool which helps you analyzeprice movements. There are two groups which most indicators fall into –trendfollowing indicators are the

Trends & Trendlines

A trend can do one of 3 things: it can go up, go down, or it can go sideways. Anup trend is defined as having higher highs, and

Support, Resistance, and Moving Averages

As price moves up and down on our charts, it encounters “barriers” along the way. If this barrier acts like a floor, keeping price from dropping any lower,

Technical Analysis: An Introduction to Chart Reading

The markets represent the struggle between two opposing forces… the bulls, who want to push the price higher, and the bears, who wish to push it lower. As

Range Break Out

Range Break Outs form the basis of my core trading. Generally speaking I call most consolidation patterns a range whether it is a triangle in one of its