Aviv N. Shapiro is a Senior Research Analyst and Business Development Officer for AlgosysFx.

EUR/GBP: Euro Poised for a Weekly Drop on ECB Verbal Intervention and EU Budget Cuts

Yesterday, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi caused the Euro’s biggest drop in seven months, and is poised to end in a steep weekly loss opposite the British pound as exchanges come to a close. In a signal that further interest-rate cuts from the ECB remain a possibility, investors opt for a Euro selloff, not to mention the first-ever cuts in the bloc’s budget, as European Union leaders bow to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s insistence on thrift at the EU level…

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USD/CAD: Little Favor for the Loonie Today

The US dollar could make some headway versus the Canadian currency after economic reports today showed weakness. The Loonie edged the Greenback in earlier trades on demand for

EUR/JPY: Euro Buoyed by Positive Signs of Euro Zone Recovery

The Euro is deemed to outclass the Japanese yen today as signs continue to emerge that worst of the Euro Zone crisis has passed. A business survey suggested

AUD/JPY: Aussie Gains as Positive Data Support RBA Views

Upbeat economic data from Australia are foreseen to buttress views that the Reserve Bank of Australia will hold interest rates unchanged at the conclusion of its meeting today.

AUD/USD: Greenback Gains Over Aussie on RBA Speculations

Just like how the Baltimore Ravens edged the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl XLVII, the US dollar is looked forward to get the better of

EUR/GBP: Pound to Weaken on Expectations Manufacturing Activity Slowed

The British pound is deemed to maintain its weakness opposite the Euro as fears of a triple-dip recession are likely to intensify amid estimates that the UK manufacturing

EUR/USD: Euro Remains Higher on Easing Concerns Over the Euro Zone Economy

An improving outlook for the Euro Zone and expectations that the Federal Reserve will reaffirm its ultra-easy monetary policy for the foreseeable future are deemed to support the

EUR/JPY Euro Set to Rise on a Positive Outlook for the German Economy :

The Euro is deemed to maintain its strength alongside the Japanese yen today on additional positive signs that Germany is gathering speed again after contracting in the fourth

USD/CHF: Greenback to Rebound on Durable Goods Orders

Despite a steep drop coming into the New York session, the USDCHF currency pair is forecast to make a rebound in later trades on upcoming economic data from

EUR/GBP: Pound to Dip as British Economy Seen to Have Contracted in Q4

Estimates that the British economy shrank in the fourth quarter of 2012 are seen to weigh considerably on the British pound today on views that the country could