Dollar trading stronger against most major currencies.

The Dollar is trading stronger against most major currencies. News that the U.S. government may provide stimulus to the economy in the form of tax cuts and spending is leading to speculation that the U.S. economy will be the first […]

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New Fed Strategy Should Weaken the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. Dollar is trading weaker ahead of the FOMC meeting today. Traders know the Fed has to figure out a way to get more cash into circulation. The U.S.

Chart Supports Bullishness in the Euro

The strong support base in the Euro is helping to support the current rally. It is often said that “the height of the market is determined the length of

Markets Reflect Deflationary Concerns

The weakness in the U.S. Dollar on Thursday, sent a signal to the equity and commodity markets that it should not be considered a given that the U.S.

Daily Trend Turns Up in Euro

The Euro surged overnight following the release of a statement by the European Central Bank calling for a slowdown in future interest rate cuts. ECB members are split

Euro Beginning to Look More Attractive

The recent slew of negative U.S. economic news has surprisingly been ignored by the market. Thursday’s positive move by the ECB may be the start of a shift

Bernanke Comment Fuels Shift in Sentiment

Yesterday Fed Chairman Bernanke hinted that the Fed may be interested in buying Treasury debt. Yesterday Fed Chairman Bernanke hinted that the Fed may be interested in buying

Euro Traders Prepare for Interest Rate Cut

The European Central Bank meets on December 4 to discuss its next move regarding interest rates. Traders are anticipating a cut, but recent comments by ECB officials are making

Fundamentals and Technicals Support Rally for British Pounds

This week the main trend in the British Pounds turned up for the first time since August 5. This is a sign that investor confidence is returning to the

U.S. Housing Report Could Accelerate Gains in the Euro

Despite news that the German Ifo Business Confidence Index fell to a 16-year low, the Euro remained strong versus the U.S. Dollar in overnight trading. This move may accelerate