Tomas Cedavicius is a founder of in 2008 and is continuing to offer more services and tools for investors. In 2009, was improved and a new website with more information launched in order to present the data in more clearer way and easier understandable. is an improvement of older website, it is providing a wider range of trading pairs including oil,gold and also stocks... More

Forex – Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange market, shortly named just Forex, allows to trade currencies. Foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with an average of $2.3 trillion traded every day. Foreign exchange market, shortly named just Forex, allows to […]

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They can… what about me? Forex opportunities

Today everyone is trying to earn as much money as they can and most ofthem do forget all the other things that matter in life. Even thoughsome of

Trading Methods

After the market has drawn a letter “M” or “W” on the break of the resistance or support line (resistance on the “W” letter; support – “M” letter)

Candlesticks and their whole picture

This article has been born with the help of the customers and visitors.# Popularity of the candlesticks is huge, for that reason an amount of questions about

Support and Resistance: Trading by Reading a Market

Forex market is a place with endless possibilities. And not just financial. By trading currencies you are learning to understand yourself, you find your strong and weak points. Forex

Stop Loss

So far not all trades bring profit and decision where to get out from the negative trade is one of the hardest. There are few reasons why to