Foreign Exchange Analytics has it's roots in both the emerging information technologies and the global economy that characterized the last two decades.  As currency transaction volumes soared in the wake of the 1985 Plaza accord, the need for timely concise information on what forces were driving and would drive exchange rates became critical.   David Gilmore was one of a new breed of analyst that saw a void of relevant, market moving... More

Got a Beef with US Bank Executives…How About Buying Some US Treasuries?

No I don’t believe the US government can run banks or auto companiesbetter than privately-incentivized skilled executives. But not allexecutives are created equal…some have proven to be worse at runningbanks and auto companies than the government…if this were not true […]

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Where Will Growth Come From?

White House economist (CEA Chairwoman) Romer today said the economy inthe future will see business investment and exports filling the holeleft by consumer spending (and fiscal stimulus) as

Time for Fed to Come out of Closet

Now that the Fed is in the unconventional zone of monetary policy with Fed funds effectively at zero why not hold a press conference after the FOMC meeting

Been Down So Long Looks Like Up From Here.

And so many are looking at 2009 as an improvement (variations on degrees of improvement) over 2008. We are an optimistic lot to begin with and why not

By Any Means Necessary

Lenin and Trotsky agreed on a strategy for the socialist revolution in Russia – by any means necessary. With developed capitalist economies running headstrong into nationalizing key industries

Who is Kidding Whom? by D Gilmore

If the US is anything in its history it is naïve. Sometimes being naïve helps and sometimes it hurts. It helps when problems that it confronts would never

Confusing Commodity Bubble Bursting With US Growth by D Gilmore

While I am not going to say markets have this one wrong, I will say that large price movements like the one down in commodities and up in

Trichet Signals Rate Hike Likely, Every Central Bank for Themselves

It was déjà vu all over again today as Trichet shot a strong-dollar-accord notion in the head and drove a stake through the heart of coordinated global monetary

G8 Meeting in Osaka June 13 Not Accord Setting Gathering

With Bernanke dropping a bomb on dollar bears Tuesday, I have read in a number of places about the upcoming “G7” meeting in Osaka as a potential launching

Markets Misread Strength of US Economy? by D Solin

Looking at markets this week there is an unmistaken theme resonating – the US and hence global slowdown is much less a risk than previously believed and inflation