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Money Management and Building Your System

The final, and by far one of the most important factors to your success is money management (sometimes also referred to as position-sizing). The final, and by far one of the most important factors to your success is money management […]

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Trading Psychology – Greed & Fear

Besides all of the fundamental and technical factors a trader must keep track ofin order to be successful, there is another area which is often overlooked –themselves. Besides all

Indicators, part II: The Oscillators

Oscillating indicators get their name due to their tendency to oscillate within arange of values. They can signal when price is at extreme levels and due for areversal. Oscillating

Indicators, part I: The Trend Followers

An indicator (sometimes also called a study) is a tool which helps you analyzeprice movements. There are two groups which most indicators fall into –trendfollowing indicators are the

Trends & Trendlines

A trend can do one of 3 things: it can go up, go down, or it can go sideways. Anup trend is defined as having higher highs, and

Support, Resistance, and Moving Averages

As price moves up and down on our charts, it encounters “barriers” along the way. If this barrier acts like a floor, keeping price from dropping any lower,

Technical Analysis: An Introduction to Chart Reading

The markets represent the struggle between two opposing forces… the bulls, who want to push the price higher, and the bears, who wish to push it lower. As

Placing Orders

The price buyers are willing to pay is called the bid. The price sellers are asking is called the ask. And the distance between the two is called

Pips, Lots, Leverage & Margins

The forex world is filled with its own unique terms and concepts. Here are some of the most common you need to know: The forex world is filled with

Fundamentals – What Moves the Currency Markets

Welcome to global financial markets! Just as a trader or investor can buy stock in a company, the foreign exchange (or forex for short) allows you to buy