FXtrek.com, Inc., established in April 2001, is a financial technology provider offering solutions for the foreign exchange market. FXtrek has intermingled a core group of information technology specialists with investment analysts, thereby creating a well-rounded effective team. FXtrek develops and delivers foreign exchange products to suit both individual and institutional clientele. The product suite focus is on forex charting. FXtrek relies on... More

Technical Trading Strategy

Technical analysts and traders believe that certain chart patterns and shapes provide signals of profitable trading opportunities. Many professional and amateur traders claim that they consistently make trading profits by following such signals. In this section, we introduce some types […]

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Technical Indicators Tutorial by FXtrek.com

Over the years numerous technical indicators have been developed to describe performance, as well as to predict future price movements. In this section we introduce five of the

Risk Management

The main difference between an amateur and a professional trader is that the latter always tries to understand and control portfolio risks. Before entering into any trade, good

Charts Tutorial

Traders and investors always look at charts when they make trading decisions, because those charts contain essential information about the behavior of prices. Here are some familiar types