So where should I begin? First of all, I am not a professional analyst, I just love to talk investing and have been at it for a few years. I started swing trading my freshman year in college and continued that until graduation with a good bit of success. During my Ph.D. training, I started learning and trading forex, a hobby of mine that is still in place today. I have built a strategy based solely on technical indicators that I programmed into MetaTrader... More

Think You’re Closing Trades Too Early? Hindsight is the Devil

 I had to write this article because I know from personal experience how hard it can be mentally for new and experienced traders to let go of a trade that they closed too early that went for much bigger gains […]

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Great Traders Gauge Themselves by How Many Good Trades They Make, Not How Much Money They Make

When I started trading forex I realized that 90% of the people who get into trading currencies are here because they think they are going to become rich.

Should You Trade More Than One Currency Pair at a Time?

If someone should concentrate on one currency pair in their forex trading is a fundamental question that needs to be addressed and matched to your trading style before