EUR Reserve Currency?

Forex markets are in the midst of what could be a sea-change in general market sentiment. The focus since 2008 had been on the U.S. housing bust, with its undermining of confidence in the U.S. financial system Forex markets are […]

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Weekly Fundamentals

Forex market have become incredibly complex for many traders not keeping abreast of the fundamentals. WEEKLY- Fundamentals Matter 21:00 GMT- Jan 29 ( Forex market have become incredibly

Weekly Market Analysis

January can be the most difficult month of the year for forex traders.Most years dealers overload on positions at the end of the previousyear and then have to

Weekly Market Analysis

The latest week could prove to have been pivotal for forex trading. In our daily trading analysis in the past several weeks we have been focusing a lot

Weekend Thoughts by Global View

I think we are in the end game on the liquidity squeeze, even if it is a drawn out game. The Treasury and Fed are throwing the kitchen Month Ahead Currency Outlook for September 7, 2008

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles? This is the bubble era, dot-coms, real estate, commodities, etc., and now the euro. It is a characteristic of a bubble that asset valuations get