Macrotactics is a blog devoted to recording a part time trader's journey into the world of trading currencies. In my day job I work as a manager in an Information Technology company. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia with my wife, a cat and a baby on the way. I have been banging my head on this trading thing for at least 3 years now and the deeper I dig into the topic of trading, the more I realise there is to learn. Trading for me has become... More

The Psychology of Risk

I have just finished reading “The Zurich Axioms“. I was drawn to this book because I have seen it recommended in a number of different places. The book supposedly describes the secret principles behind how the Swiss, despite living in […]

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Demo Account Trading Expectations

One of the things I constantly see repeated across the Internet is how we should double or triple a demo account before we start trading. For example, in

Grid Trading

A few years ago on the Oanda forums, a frustrated trader who after beating his head unsuccessfully on trading for several years posted the following: A few

Dow Theory for Currency Traders

I think the one of the more influential set of theories you need to understand in order to trade is Dow Theory. Well over a hundred years ago

Automated Trading

About a year after I got into the world of trading, like most new traders I stumbled into the world of automated trading. I thought it might be

Performance Expectations

If you hang out in trading forums for long enough, you start to get a handle on how unrealistic trader’s performance expectations actually are. For example, it is

Behavioral Finance

Every time I read a new trading book these days, they all seem to be writing about the new hip topic of “behavioral finance”. I have been doing

Why Trade Currencies?

Every website on currency trading seems to have the mandatory section on “why trade currencies?”. Sorry but I can’t leave this one alone on my blog as there

Trader Developmental Stages

With a newborn on the way, my wife has been feeding me with a steady stream of information about our new baby. One of the things she has

Trading Competitions

On many forums I have seen a number of different forex trading competitions. The winners of these competitions are often used to promote some trading product, or they