I have lived and breathed trading ever since trading fx professionally in London, Toronto and Philadelphia in the early 70's (yes I know that shows my age!). While my professional career subsequently took me from the trading desk to designing treasury systems for some of the world's leading financial institutions, my desire was to always trade for myself. As a consequence, following 5 years with a major international stock-broker (the last 3 as... More

Turnover by Malcolm Morley

I’ve been flamed a few times on these forums for saying that we should endeavor to traded as efficiently as possible because the spread costs of our transactions can become a significant issue. I’ve been flamed a few times on […]

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Trade Size by Malcolm Morley

This comment only scratches the surfaces of what is one of the most important topics of all, but it does establish the basic criteria in the right sequence. This

Tick Filtering by Malcolm Morley

Every now and then one see posts over concerns about a market maker presenting prices differently that the way in which we perceive the 'real' market. Frequently this

Synthetic Pairs by Malcolm Morley

Synthetic pairs are pairs that you calculate yourself from the underlying data of their components. For example NZD/JPY can be calculated from NZD/USD and USD/JPY. Normally you would

Stop Losses by Malcolm Morley

Michael; there's a lot of rubbish written about stop losses, and the relationship between t/p's and s/l's, so let me say that there are very few absolutes in

Responsibility by Malcolm Morley

GrimFD is a trader over on the OANDA forums. He is also a deep sea diver by trade, diving off the rigs. This must be just about the

Psychology by Malcolm Morley

To do well at this business you need an extra-ordinary psychology, but I think it all boils down to one crucial element, and that is ... (insert drum

Profit Potential by Malcolm Morley

Well, it's just about unlimited, isn't it? Here's something a wrote in a thread that deteriorated after a while. Never mind. BTW GrimFD also said somewhere else that

Profit Calculation by Malcolm Morley

For those who are unsure of some of the calculations used to determine returns, the two threads below discuss the subject at some length. In particular the latter

Margin Calls by Malcolm Morley

The following explains in practical terms how margin rules work at OANDA. It was given in response to a newcomer considering using Margin Calls as a risk management