Missions And Activities Of The Bank Of Japan

The Bank of Japan’s missions are to maintain price stability and to ensure the stability of the financial system, thereby laying the foundations for sound economic development. To fulfill these two missions, the Bank conducts the following activities. The Bank […]

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Outline Of Monetary Policy

The Bank of Japan, as the central bank of Japan, decides and implements monetary policy with the aim of maintaining price stability. The Bank of Japan, as the central

Outline Of Financial System Stability

Money plays an essential role and is indispensable for economic activities. The overall structure of receipt and payment as well as lending and borrowing of money is called

Outline Of Payment And Settlement Systems, And Market Infrastructures

Settlement is a process in an economic transaction that involves the exchange of money or securities. A settlement asset is an asset such as money (cash and deposit

Outline Of Banknotes And Coins

The Bank is the sole issuer of banknotes (Bank of Japan notes) in Japan. It issues banknotes and conducts operations to ensure the stability of banknote supply and

Outline Of The Bank’s Treasury Funds And JGS Services

The Bank provides various services relating to the government, such as treasury funds and Japanese government securities (JGS) services. The Bank provides various services relating to the

Outline Of International Finance

The Bank conducts operations in the field of international finance, such as foreign exchange transactions, as well as business related to assisting foreign central banks and international organizations

Outline Of Statistics, Research And Studies

In order to implement monetary policy and carry out business operations effectively, the Bank conducts research on economic and financial conditions as well as the financial system and

Outline Of Communications

The Bank releases the minutes of MPMs and public statements on most of the Policy Board decisions in a timely manner, from the viewpoint of fulfilling its accountability