ECB, ESCB and the Eurosystem

Since 1 January 1999 the European Central Bank (ECB) has been responsible for conducting monetary policy for the euro area – the world’s largest economy after the United States. Since 1 January 1999 the European Central Bank (ECB) has been […]

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Tasks of the ECB

The tasks of the ESCB and of the Eurosystem are laid down in the Treaty establishing the European Community. They are specified in the Statute of the European

Objective Of Monetary Policy

To maintain price stability is the primary objective of the Eurosystem and of the single monetary policy for which it is responsible. This is laid down in the

Benefits Of Price Stability

The objective of price stability refers to the general level of prices in the economy. It implies avoiding both prolonged inflation and deflation. Price stability contributes to achieving

Role Of Monetary Policy

The central bank is the sole issuer of banknotes and bank reserves. That means it is the monopoly supplier of the monetary base. By virtue of this monopoly,

Operational Framework

In order to achieve its primary objective, the Eurosystem uses a set of monetary policy instruments and procedures. This set forms the operational framework to implement the single

Transmission Mechanism Of Monetary Policy

This is the process through which monetary policy decisions affect the economy in general and the price level in particular. The transmission mechanism is characterised by long, variable