Elliott Wave Analysis: EURJPY Has a Bearish Sequence

EURJPY short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the bounce to 5/14 high at 131.38 ended Minor wave B. Down from there, the decline is unfolding as Elliott wave impulsive structure in Minor wave C lower. The internal sub-division of each leg lower is showing 5 waves structure in lesser degree cycles, which is characteristic of an an impulse. Also, it’s important to note here that the below chart is showing a bearish sequence tag, which refers to the incomplete downward structure in the pair.

Below from 131.38 high the lesser degree Minutte wave (i) of ((i)) ended in 5 waves structure at 129.49. Above from there, the bounce to 131.35 high ended Minutte wave (ii) of ((i)) as a double three structure. Then the decline to 128.22 low ended in Minutte wave (iii) of ((i)) with another 5 waves structure. Up from there, the lesser degree Minutte wave (iv) of ((i)) ended at 129.06 high. Down from there, Minutte wave (v) of ((i)) ended at 127.94 low in another 5 waves. Above from there, the pair is correcting the short-term cycle from 131.38 high within Minute wave ((ii)) bounce which is epxected to fail in 3, 7 or 11 swings for further downside extension. We don’t like buying it into a proposed bounce.