Elliott Wave View Expects Tesla Rally to Fail

Elliott Wave view in Tesla (Ticker: TSLA) suggests the rally to $352.09 ended wave ((2)). This suggests the stock is in an impulsive Elliott Wave structure to the downside. Wave ((3)) is in progress and the subdivision unfolded also as a 5 waves Elliott Wave impulse of lesser degree. Down from $352.09, wave 1 ended at $343.8 and wave 2 ended at $351.5. Wave 3 ended at $281.69, wave 4 ended at $290.61,  and wave 5 of ended at $279.28.

The entire move lower from $352.09 to $279.28 ended wave (1) of ((3)). Tesla is now correcting the decline from $352.09 in wave (2). The correction looks to be unfolding as a double three Elliott Wave structure. Up from $279.28, wave W ended at $298.52 and wave X ended at $287.75. The stock has scope to extend higher towards $307.16 – $319.21 area to end wave Y of (2). Afterwards, it should extend to the next leg lower or at least pullback in 3 waves. As far as pivot at $352.09 stays intact during the correction, we expect the rally in Tesla to fail and the stock to extend to the downside.