Elliott Wave View: NASDAQ Futures Calling For Further Decline

NASDAQ Elliott wave view suggests that the cycle from 10/03/2018 & from 12/03/2018 peaks are showing incomplete structures to the downside

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YM (Dow Futures) Elliott Wave Analysis 6.16.2017

Short term YM (Dow Futures) Elliott Wave view suggests the rally from 4/19 low is unfolding as a diagonal Elliott Wave structure where Minor wave 1 ended at

Technical forecast for FTSE 100

FTSE Dec13 quite directionless but held support at 6665/6660 perfectly for the second day. The outlook is mixed so same levels apply today. Support at 6680 then 6665/60

Technical forecast for Dax

Dax Dec13 had an inside day yesterday which can be a short term negative signal. We broke Friday’s high & Fibonacci support at 9192 as feared but held

Technical forecast for S&P 500

Emini S&P Dec13 held immediate support at 1692 then rocketed higher through 1718/19 to set a new all time high at 1723. Above here today look for 1728/29

Technical forecast for S&P 500

Emini S&P Dec13 tested all time highs at 1704/05 & saw a sharp rejection to leave a bearish double top. This is a worryingly negative pattern in a

Technical forecast for S&P

Emini S&P Sep13 in a strong bull trend & has broken all time highs at 1704/05 to reach 1710. If we continue higher look for 1714/15 then 1718/19. Immediate

Technical forecast for Bund

Bund September bullish key day reversal on Friday in theory marks the end of the bear trend at this stage, as long as we hold above 136.40. Today

Technical forecast for Gilts

Gilts for December failed again just below 108.20. Below 107.80 keeps the market under pressure for 107.55/45 then 107.26 before a test of last week’s low at 107.16.

Technical forecast for BOBL

Bobl held tough resistance at 123.04/07 to test 122.91/90 & below 122.88 today sees 122.79/77. This could hold the downside but any longs need stops below 122.70 for