Latest vacancies course: “FOREX strategy as effective on nick or Techni Analysis”

Latest vacancies course: “FOREX strategy as effective on nick or Techni Analysis”

Dates: 13th, 14th and 15th of March of 201

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Duration: 20 hours in a face, and remote tutoring, which involves the assistance of a professional trader in real time. Where a simulator through virtual operations are performed with guided practice without time limit.

To whom it may concern: to everyone who wants to shape strategies based mapping, statistics and quantitative methods applied to the current study of the contributions, which reflect the behavior (rational and emotional) of market participants. We found that the manifestations of mass psychology are exteriorized in the price movement through the development of patterns with a repetitive nature, which are encoded predict the likely path of prices effectively.

Objective: The student will learn to use the main tools of technical analysis, knowing its advantages, and damage to apply the same in the design of successful strategies taking into account market conditions, trading profile, and the end sought



o Introduction to Technical Analysis. Key features.
o Analysis of fundamentals.
o the graphical analysis or charting. Chart Types. Formations most relevant.
o The great masters, and their legacies
o support and resistance
o trends, and channels
o graphic patterns then change, and not classified


* Main mathematical Indicators

1. Moving averages
2. Bollinger Bands
3. The Moment
4. The ADX
6. The pivot point

* The oscillators
1. The stochastic
2. RSI
3. ITC


o My first steps as an operator
Building trading systems or cash
o The handling of the time factor
Effective administration of the capital or operating
o operating platform Management

The classroom based course includes a Handbook theoretical / practical for every student, and a corresponding certificate issued by MolFx – Management.

At the end of the course the students will have learned:

* A graphics quotes read correctly, using the main tools of technical analysis.
* To identify directional movements in prices.
* To know the major currency pairs traded: its patterns and patterns of differences in their behavior.
* At Market timing: when and how to enter and exit positions.
* To develop Trading Strategies in order to make this market a sustainable business over time.