Money Management and Building Your System

The final, and by far one of the most important factors to your success is money management (sometimes also referred to as position-sizing). The final, and by far one of the most important factors to your success is money management […]

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Ten Steps Before Trading Forex By Abe Cofnas

You should trade forex in an environment that is conducive to trading, not in the middle of your bedroom or family room where other members of the family

Test Drive Your Forex Trading Skills By Abe Cofnas

Like many professions where risk is encountered, taking forex trading seriously requires ongoing training. The airline pilot flies in simulation many hours before actually flying passengers. The simulation

Chart Challenge – Test Your Knowledge By Abe Cofnas

It’s always a good idea to test your knowledge on evaluation of forex markets. Adding to your core skills is an on going activity. In this chapter and

Useful Strategies and Tactics You Should Know By Abe Cofnas

It’s useful to assess price action with a moving average crossover. The concept is to use a longer moving average period against a shorter one – for example

Technical Trading Strategy

Technical analysts and traders believe that certain chart patterns and shapes provide signals of profitable trading opportunities. Many professional and amateur traders claim that they consistently make trading

Key Principles Of Forex Trading by Abe Cofnas

Almost every field has its principles that provide a foundation for performance and prediction. One of the most famous is Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of

Strategies for Stop Losses and Profit Limits by Abe Cofnas

One of the most common mistakes of new traders is being stopped out.  The market seems to know where your stops are and takes those stops and then,