Weekly Forex Update: USD/JPY

The USD/JPY continues to trend lower as the Yen remains strong against a U.S. Dollar that was stable, albeit range-bound, throughout Monday’s trading session. The USD/JPY continues to trend lower as the Yen remains strong against a U.S. Dollar that […]

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Euro Weakens after Test of 1.30

Early in the tradingsession the Euro looked strong, having waved off the overnight bearishnesscreated by a downgrade of Irish debt and communication problems between theInternational Monetary Fund and

Risk Appetite Driving U.S. Dollar Lower

Greater demand for higher risk assets ishelping to drive the U.S. Dollar lower into the mid-session. Today’s rally isbeing led by the British Pound and the commodity-linked currencies.

Better Jobs Data Drive Canadian Dollar Higher

The U.S. Dollar istrading mixed against most major currencies with the exception of the CanadianDollar and New Zealand Dollar. The U.S. Dollar is trading mixed againstmost major currencies with

Dollar Up Against Europe, Pares Loss versus Commodity-Linked Currencies

The Euro and British Pound are tradinglower at the mid-session after earlier gains were reversed. Earlier advances inthe commodity-linked currencies were also being reduced by the mid-session. The Euro

Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary

The production side of the economy remains red hot, with industrial production rising at a 9.3 percent pace over the past three months. By contrast, final demand appears

Industry Sector Weekly

The European banking sector has been under the spotlight, especially after the Spanish authorities’ takeover of Cajasur in May. However, the sector was supported last week by EU

FX Strategy Weekly

US dollar weakness and Swiss Franc strength translate into an interesting setup heading into the UK Budget, the FOMC and G20 summit next week, and is manifested in

Gold looks set to push beyond $1,250

Weekly Forex Update: AUD/USD

AnalysisTriangle has broken through the resistance line at 10-Jun 04:00 GMT. Possible bullish price movement forecast for the next 19 hours towards 0.864284