EUR/USD: Greek Credit Rating Upgrade, German Ifo to Buoy the Euro

The Euro is believed to gain alongside the US dollar today after Standard & Poor’s raised Greece’s credit rating following its successful bond buyback program. Likewise, economic figures due out today are seen to suggest an improving outlook for the Euro Zone economy in the coming months. Over to the US, perceived progress in negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff is presumed to boost risk sentiment.

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EUR/USD: Euro Sustains Gains on Upbeat Data and Greek Buyback Success

The Euro is deemed to maintain its advance against the US dollar today as surprisingly buoyant economic data are deemed to incite optimism that the Euro Zone economy

USD/JPY: Yen Dips as Japan Slips into Recession

The Japanese yen is believed to weaken alongside the US dollar in the exchanges today as fresh data revealed that the world’s third largest economy had entered a

USD/CHF: Dollar Rises as Payroll Gains Surpass Estimates

Upbeat labor market figures are believed to buoy the US dollar today opposite the Swiss franc as unemployment in the US fell to a near four-year low in

NZD/USD: Dimming Outlook for Australia to Weigh on the Kiwi

The New Zealand dollar is foreseen to weaken opposite the US dollar today as a deteriorating outlook for Australia, its largest trading partner, is likewise seen to dampen

AUD/USD: Safety Bets Rise as Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall

The US dollar is seen to shine as an apparent stalemate on talks over averting a fiscal cliff is deemed to incite risk-off trades today. As the White

AUD/USD: Strong Holiday Sales to Buoy Market Sentiment

Market moods are seen to maintain their buoyancy today on positive indications that the year-end holiday shopping season will provide the US economy a needed boost. Research firm

USD/JPY: Yen Defeated by US Economy’s Steady Recovery

Another trounce was seen from the Japanese yen in yesterday’s Asian session as uncertainties of Japan’s on-going elections clouded investor’s assessment of the USD/JPY. Japan’s political crisis versus

USD/CHF: Greek Worries and Upbeat Economic Data to Push Greenback Higher

The US dollar is presumed to prevail in the battle of the safe havens today as the failure among Euro Zone finance ministers to clinch a deal over

USD/JPY: Yen Falls as Abe Takes Tough Stance over BOJ

With the Bank of Japan holding a two-day policy meeting today, the Yen is foreseen to weaken opposite the US dollar on views that the opposition party that