AUD/JPY: Fed Minutes Weigh on the Aussie

The Australian dollar is foreseen to give up further ground alongside the Japanese yen today as the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting suggested that policymakers are increasingly divided about the downside risks of their bond-buying, raising the possibility of an early end to its stimulus efforts. Meanwhile, analysts deem that the Japanese economy will perform better in the coming fiscal year earlier than expected.

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EUR/USD: Euro Remains Higher on Easing Concerns Over the Euro Zone Economy

An improving outlook for the Euro Zone and expectations that the Federal Reserve will reaffirm its ultra-easy monetary policy for the foreseeable future are deemed to support the

AUD/JPY: BOJ Governor Shirakawa Asserts Easing Pledge

The Japanese yen is seen to remain lower opposite the Australian dollar today after Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said the central bank will continue with powerful

Euro Tumbles after Spain Downgrade

After a higher New Yorkopening the Euro reversed its course after the S&P Corp. downgraded Spain to AAstatus. Although the Euro reached a new low for the year,

Financial Markets Review by Lloyds TSB

Sterling has been one of the weakest currencies this week, with only the Canadian dollar underperforming in the G-10 currency space. Pound falls sharply on BoE Governor King’s

Gold Bullion Unique as No Counter Party Risk

Gold is unique among asset classes as it is the only asset class notdependent on the performance of auditors, management, corporations,financial institutions, banks, politicians and governments. Gold Bullion Unique

(Un)Intended Consequences: Uncertainty, Inflation & Inflexibility

Present policies may be sowing the seeds for the next financial crisis. Despite recent market optimism, we believe present interventions could produce significant future adverse and unintended consequences.

Gold Investments Market Update

Gold and silver succumbed to profit taking (gold down 3.2% and silver down 2.5%) last week as risk appetite returned to markets with the tentative recovery in equity

Gold Investments Market Update

Gold and silver rose ($939.80 up $4.40 - Silver $13.65 up 18 cents) yesterday on deepening concerns about the dollar and fears that its reserve currency status is

Gold Investments Market Update

Gold and silver fell yesterday ($923.30 down $29.70; Silver $13.34 down52 cents) on profit taking and renewed risk appetite which saw equitiesrally internationally (prior to a late sell