Weekly Economics Analysis by Lloyds TSB

More and more central banks seem to be embarking on the process of injecting money directly into their economy through expansion of their balance sheets, or ‘quantitative easing’ in the modern jargon. Aggressive quantitative easing is underway An increasing number […]

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Gold Investments Market Update

Gold fell yesterday for the first day in 3 and was down some 0.8%. Gold was flat in Asia but has fallen again in Europe to $915/oz. Support

Economics Weekly by Lloyds TSB

As the Bank of England embarks on a £150bn programme of buying securities from the private sector that will not be financed by an equivalent issue of government

Weekly Market Analysis by Lloyds TSB

The short term market orientation does not seem ready to change. This is hardly surprising given the journey the markets have travelled over the past 18 months. The short

Weekly market analysis by Lloyds TSB

This old market saying has relevance to the current position of the financial markets and particularly sterling. Last year the equity markets plunged and bonds yields were pushed

Weekly Financial Market Analysis by Lloyds TSB

Risk appetite improved this week, reflected in a strong rebound in global equities, helping to underpin sizeable gains in some higher-yielding currencies. Risk appetite improved this week, reflected

Weekly research and analysis by Lloyds TSB

Anyone who began trading for the first time over the past 12 months will have witnessed an unprecedented period of market volatility with all asset classes having massive

Technicals Weekly by Lloyds TSB

There is much debate about what is driving the markets at the moment and the consensus view is sentiment. In my view sentiment always drives the market; it's

Weekly Technical Analysis by Lloyds TSB

Clearly the current market developments are favouring the yen. The equity markets remain vulnerable and the downside could well be accelerated by continued commodity price drops. Clearly the