USD/CAD: Loonie Falters on Grim Signs for the Canadian Economy

The Canadian dollar is presumed to succumb further to the US dollar today on views that the Canadian economy stalled at the end of 2012, putting pressure on the Bank of Canada to extend a period of low interest rates. The economy received a double whammy last Friday after sales and inflation data came in below expectations. Meanwhile, ongoing concerns over the looming sequester are seen to lift the safe haven US dollar.

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USD/CAD: Disappointing Factory Sales Report Continuing to Weigh on the Loonie

The Canadian dollar is deemed to maintain its weakness opposite the US dollar today as Canadian manufacturing sales registered the largest decline since the Great Recession due mainly

EUR/USD: Euro Remains Higher on Easing Concerns Over the Euro Zone Economy

An improving outlook for the Euro Zone and expectations that the Federal Reserve will reaffirm its ultra-easy monetary policy for the foreseeable future are deemed to support the

EUR/USD: Euro Advances as US Finally Avoids Falling Off Cliff

The Euro is believed to strengthen alongside the US dollar to begin the year on enhanced appetites for risk after the United States finally averted the fiscal cliff

USD/CHF: Dollar Rises as Payroll Gains Surpass Estimates

Upbeat labor market figures are believed to buoy the US dollar today opposite the Swiss franc as unemployment in the US fell to a near four-year low in

AUD/USD: Safety Bets Rise as Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall

The US dollar is seen to shine as an apparent stalemate on talks over averting a fiscal cliff is deemed to incite risk-off trades today. As the White

USD/JPY: Policy Board Pushes BOJ for More Easing; Yen Rises

More expansionary wording of the bank's price outlook released at its Oct. 30 meeting was voted by two new members of the Bank of Japan's nine-member Policy Board.

AUD/USD: Strong Holiday Sales to Buoy Market Sentiment

Market moods are seen to maintain their buoyancy today on positive indications that the year-end holiday shopping season will provide the US economy a needed boost. Research firm

USD/CHF: Greek Worries and Upbeat Economic Data to Push Greenback Higher

The US dollar is presumed to prevail in the battle of the safe havens today as the failure among Euro Zone finance ministers to clinch a deal over

USD/JPY: Samurai Plummets as Noda Pushes Through a General Election

Yesterday’s reports about the dissolving the Japanese government’s Lower House led the Yen to plunge by 91 pips against the American dollar. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s move to