USD/JPY: Yen Climbs From Noda’s Pursuance of Stimulus Measures

The Japanese yen lost by 8 pips versus the American dollar as the future of nuclear power in Japan has continued to be an issue, more so, in next month’s election. Even as the ruling Democratic Party of Japan has pledged to wean the country from atomic power by 2030, while the LDP calls for a decision on whether to restart all reactors within the next three years, the uncertainties about whether to prop-up the energy sector sees an unstable economy for the Japanese. The Yen is anticipated to immense in today’s Asian trades seeing that the expected approval of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s Cabinet of ¥880 Billion of emergency plan, which will boost the stagnant economy.

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USD/JPY: Yen Defeated by US Economy’s Steady Recovery

Another trounce was seen from the Japanese yen in yesterday’s Asian session as uncertainties of Japan’s on-going elections clouded investor’s assessment of the USD/JPY. Japan’s political crisis versus

USD/JPY: Samurai Plummets as Noda Pushes Through a General Election

Yesterday’s reports about the dissolving the Japanese government’s Lower House led the Yen to plunge by 91 pips against the American dollar. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s move to

USD/JPY:Japan’s Intractable Fiscal Woes Sink the Yen

The Japanese yen plummeted by 87 pips as opposed to the American dollar in yesterday’s Asian session, its weakest level in seven days on prospects upcoming elections in

USD/JPY: Agreement of Japan’s Democratic Party Saves the Yen

The Japanese yen won in yesterday’s trades by 11 pips versus the American dollar as US stocks fell caused by concerns about the federal budget debate. The USD/JPY