U.S. Dollar could be Forming Major Top

The U.S. Dollar traded sharply lower on Thursday, giving thefirst indication in weeks that the event driven rally may be coming to an end.Pressure was on the Dollar all day led by the strong turnaround in the Euro.Additional pressure came […]

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Dollar Down on Increased Demand for Risky Assets

Increased demand for higher risk assets is helping to drivedown the U.S. Dollar index at the mid-session. The Dollar is trading loweragainst most major currencies with the exception

Easing Tensions helping to Support Euro

The EUR USD is trading higher this morning, but stillstruggling with a Fibonacci retracement level at 1.2345. Regaining this pricewill be the key to igniting a surge to

U.S. Dollar Index Holding on to Gains

The U.S. Dollar Index is holding on to most of its earliergains. The falling Euro is contributing the most to the Dollar’s rise whilelosing ground to the British

Strong Risk Demand Driving Down USD CAD

A sharp rise in U.S. equity markets and crude oilis pressuring the USD CAD this morning. Yesterday’s close below the old top at1.0738 was the first clue that

Technical Rebound Triggers Euro Rally

The Euro recovered into the close after testing the low forthe year at 1.2143. If this low holds, then it will mean that last week’sreversal bottom is still

Euro Recovering after Nearing Annual Low at 1.2143

The Euro is recovering at the mid-session after testing thelow for the year at 1.2143. If this low holds, then it will mean that lastweek’s reversal bottom is

Renewed Euro Zone Issues, Korean Conflict Weaken Euro

The U.S. Dollar is trading higher as renewed Euro Zoneissues and a potential conflict between North and South Korea are driving investorsinto the safety of the greenback. The U.S.

Euro Could Form Secondary Higher Bottom; Reversal Bottoms Still Unconfirmed

The EUR USD traded sharply lower overnight and early in thesession as nervous traders reacted to the news that Spain’s government had takeover astruggling financial institution. The heavy

Euro Lower but Tensions Seem to be Easing

The EUR USD sold off hard overnight as traders reacted tothe news that Spain’sgovernment had takeover a struggling financial institution. This actiontriggered fear that sovereign debt problems were