USDCAD Looks Bullish Long-Term! – Elliott wave (video)

USDCAD fully unfolded wave IV as part of a bigger, bullish cycle up from 2011 lows, and proceeded to trade into a wave V.

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GBPAUD : Market Patterns Calling More Downside?

GBPAUD : Bearish market patterns can be seen on the GBPAUD 1 hour chart. In the chart below both the blue and pink bearish patterns already triggered SELLS.

Elliott Wave View: Further Strength in EURAUD

Short Term Elliott Wave view in EURAUD suggests the rally from February 21, 2019 low (1.5736) is unfolding as a 5 waves diagonal. Up from 1.5736, wave 1

Elliott Wave View: Downside Pressure in EURGBP

EURGBP shows a sequence of lower low from August 29, 2017 high, suggesting further downside is likely. The bounce to 0.9105 on January 3, 2019 high ended wave

Progress in Brexit Negotiation Supports Poundsterling

British Pound Sterling is the best performing major currency last week. The Pound Sterling shows strength as the market senses progress towards a Brexit deal. This follows news

USDPLN Elliott Wave Forecast: Identifying Blue Box Area

In this blog, we take a look at Elliott Wave structure of USDPLN forex pair since 1/31/2019 low and our main goal is to identify the blue box

Elliott Wave View: DAX Bullish Sequence Favors More Upside

DAX has broken above February 6, 2019 high (11371.74) and shows a bullish sequence from December 28, 2018 low (10279.20). On the chart below, we put a bullish

USDCAD : Possible Breakout Higher?

USDCAD BUY/LONG Trade Setup: USDCAD is forming a bullish inverted Head and Shoulders market breakout pattern. Price has already broke above the neck line which can be a

Elliott Wave View Favors More Downside in GBPUSD

GBPUSD short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally to 1.322 on Jan 26, 2019 ended wave ((X)). Decline from there is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse

Elliott Wave View Suggest More Upside in General Electric

Elliott wave view in General Electric (ticker symbol: $GE) suggests that the rally from December 11.2018 low ($6.66) is unfolding as Elliott wave zigzag structure when the first