Elliott Wave View: Further Rally in Nikkei Favored

Short-term Elliott wave view in Nikkei suggests that the Index has ended correction at 20169 as wave ((X)) and starts a new leg higher.

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Nikkei How Far Elliott Wave Correction Can Take Place?

Nikkei short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the index is correcting the cycle from 3/23/2018 low (20190) in 3, 7 or 11 swings. Rally to 23005 high ended

Nikkei Elliott Wave Analysis: Pullback Remains In Progress

Nikkei short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally to 23060 on May 20 high ended Intermediate wave (1) as an impulse. Down from there, the index is

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Short term Elliott wave view in Nikkei suggest that the cycle from August 29.2017 low (19055) is unfolding in 5 waves pattern. However looking at the internal subdivision

Nikkei Elliott Wave View: Ending impulsive 5 waves

Short term Elliott Wave view in Nikkei ( NKD_F) suggests that the decline to 4/16 low (18255) ended primary wave ((4)). Up from there, the rally is unfolding