NASDAQ Elliott Wave Analysis: Nesting Higher As Impulse

NASDAQ Elliott wave analysis suggests that the index has made new all-time highs & a rally higher from $7316.45 low nesting higher as impulse structure

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Can ROKU Stock price surpass $100? ElliottWave Forecast Analysis

ROKU (NASDAQ:ROKU) a streaming TV platform surged last Thursday more than 20% after the company reported better-than-expected second-quarter results. The company currently has 22 million active users but still

Nike Ending Elliott Wave 5 Waves Soon?

Nike ticker Symbol: $NKE short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally to 73.47 high ended intermediate wave (3) as impulse. Down from there, the stock made a

The Sensex Index Long Term Bullish Cycles

The Sensex Index Long Term Bullish Cycles The Sensex Index long term bullish cycles have been trending higher with other world indices. Firstly in it’s base year 1978 to

GOOGL Awaiting New Highs with the new Google Android 8.0 OS Version

Before we get into the subject, Alphabet, Inc. is a holding company and engages in acquisition & operation of different companies and operates through the Google and Other