One in the Bank is as Good as Two on the Chart

I’m sure there are times when all of us look at a chart during a trade and think, ‘I really need to lock in that profit before the market turns’. But what happens if this decision goes against your system […]

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How to Recover from a Bad Trade

Everyone has had a day where they were following their well planned system, and then they walked away from the computer only to find a horrible loss waiting

Automatic Systems Take the Fun Out of Trading Forex

Trading the foreign currency markets takes a fair amount of time no matter what system you use. When I first started trading, I found that I wanted to

Why I love Overbought and Oversold Conditions

There are times when you start rubbing your hands together and stare at the computer screen with a sinister look. If I had a handlebar mustache I would

Forex Resources That Will Make You a Better Trader

Getting started in forex will, put plain and simply, make your head spin. There is alot of garbage out there, and even more dead ends than there are

Who is REALLY Considered a Professional Forex Trader?

I feel inclined to write articles like this because I feel that the number of successful forex traders who are willing to help are greatly outnumbered by traders

Foreign Currency Doesn’t Suffer from a Global Recession

I just took a look at the headlines and noticed that the Nikkei just plummeted more than 7% in early Japanese trading because of global recession fears. News

Are You Scared to Pull the Trigger on a Big Trade? I Can Help

I have friends and family members that ask me if I get nervous when trading. I simply answer that if you’ve done your homework and you’re making educated

Don’t Get Cocky When Your Trading is on a Hot Streak

I’m just as guilty as every other trader for this crime. That is why I’m humbly writing this post to help you learn from my experiences. Getting cocky

How to Become as Good a Trader as You Want to Make Yourself

It has been my finding that new traders in any market do not succeed because they are flat out lazy. The statement that 90% of traders fail could