Don’t Become Complacent Or Over Confident

Do your best to remember how alert and aware you were when you first placed your first trades. A common mistake is for traders to become complacent and to let their trading slip away from plan and to trade without […]

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Practice Makes Perfect – Well Nearly Perfect!

Whilst new traders will paper / demo trade and test out their trading strategy before diving into the market, the same can not always be said for the

Catch Me If You Can

A common mistake made by novice traders is that of chasing a price – meaning that the trader is dramatically raising or lowering his order price in a

There Is No Loyalty In Financial Markets

As with many facets of life the financial markets have very little consideration for loyalty – neither should you. As with many facets of life the financial markets have

Broker A And Broker B

Ask any institutional or hedge fund trader whether they trade with only one counterparty through one broker and expect to receive a look of astonishment (as to your

Lock In Profits And Minimize Risk

Stop Loss Orders when used correctly can enable a trader to lock in hard earned profits and minimize the risks of markets wiping out gains. Stop Loss Orders when

Psychology And Emotions

The most detailed and comprehensive plan is as valuable as the quality of its execution. It’s all too good to have an award winning recipe if the chef

Accept that winners have losers

Foregoing the political correctness of trading and the lessons it provides us – a trader needs to simply strip out the Alpha aspect of his (or her) personality.