When Your Wrong, Your Wrong And When Your Right, Your Right!

Learn to be disciplined when trading, but take action when appropriate. If a trade that you have placed is clearly going against you, uncross your fingers, and get out of the position rather than praying that it comes back in […]

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Global Economic Calendars And The Pennies In Your Account

Many governmental and economic bodies around the world publish various economic indicators. Be aware of these; such indicators are closely monitored almost all professional traders worldwide. Many governmental

The “Rules Of The Game,” Or, Terms Of Business

Also worth mentioning is the fact that different brokers have different trading rules, or “Terms of Business.” Take time to read these, and truly understand them, before making

Leverage: The Double Edged Sword

Fully understand that leverage–that is, trading on margin–will work for you when you are making a profit, but will also work against you when you predict a market

Hidden Costs Of Trading Forex

While it appears that the trading Forex Exchange is free of commission charges and exchange fees, the bid offer spread actually represents the cost of trading. While it

We Are One

Trading the currency markets requires the trader to step out of his comfort zone and take a trip around the world. Ok, not a physical journey, perhaps, but

Trading Is A Profession

The profession of trading must be viewed and respected in the same manner in which all other skilled professions are. To succeed in trading profitably and consistently, you

Currency Pairs, Not Currencies

Remember the Forex market consists of currency pairs, with one currency being quoted relative to another. The value of a currency is therefore determined by its relationship to

Take Losses As Well As Profits

It’s hard to take a loss, but as a trader that what you do, you take losses along with profits, its how you handle them, that is the